Craig Sim Webb – February 27 2005 Lucid Light Switching Experiment Somewhat Successful


I forget many earlier details, but I’m with someone I know (in the dream) and I spontaneously realize this is probably a dream. I fly upwards to test and it does indeed work, so I know I’m dreaming. I send a willful intention for my friend to join me flying, and he does indeed fly upward to join me, apparently quite amazed. I think he’s Chinese.


I switch focus and ask the dream to guide me. A soft tug starts and pulls me down, falling into darkness as I’m used to. After a little while, I start to hear spider webs or something wispy hitting this fabric that’s falling in front of me. It spooks me a little because I think perhaps we’re deeper in the earth than anyone’s ever gone in a long, long time (like cobwebs – or maybe The WEBB of interconnectedness!).


Anyway, I brake a bit and look behind the parachute-like sheet to find a room there that’s nicely and artistically lit with a few different lamps and such. It feels comfortable. I begin experimenting with turning the lights on and off. It seems to work, sort of. One lamp goes off but with a few seconds delay after I will it off or flip the switch. Another does the same. A third wall lamp pops half off the wall at 45 degrees, and I think it dims a bit, but doesn’t go off. Interesting. I awaken into another dream, still lucid and try interacting with the people a bit more. I forget the details.