Costin Matei – Lucid Dream Prayer in Lucid Dreaming

I am in the countryside, in a house where on the bed there is someone covered in blankets. That person is not moving, yet eyes are wide open, in a glazed appearance, like a dead person. I get closer to the bed and to my astonishment I realise that the body lying there is me!

I am not scared – I actually am happy about it! The next thing which crosses my mind is that I am either experiencing an out of body event or I am indeed dead. I take out a torch and check my pupils – they react. With my finger I tickle my feet – they move!

So, I am not dead! I am so happy of my situation! The only logical explanation is that it is a dream and I am now aware that I am dreaming – I am lucid in my dream! Now that I know where I stand I want to experiment everything, I want to fly!

I calm myself down and become conscious that I have to calculate every step in this experience if I want it to last. I open the door and move out of the bedroom. In front of me, outside the house there is the country road, and on the other side of the road I can see a shrine dedicated to a saint, the large, tall painting depicting what I believe is St Thomas holding flowers. This whole environment is surrounded by the bright warm rays of a golden summer sun.

I want to bathe myself in this sunlight and then everything becomes inundated by Light! I start to pray and my soul is uplifted by this spiritual happiness/state of consciousness in which I loose myself.

I wake up with tears in my eyes, that state of consciousness is still there, I feel like my hair is completely electrified. I remain speechless for a long time.