Christoph Gassmann –  October 24 2003 Flight and Sex in Lucid Dreaming


I was on a long walking tour, first alone, then together with a companion. But the companion was like an elder responsible brother. He always wanted to touch me, which was tiresome for me. I withdrew, let him go in front, and launched for a flight.


The landscape was very beautiful, the awareness of life and the colours became very intensive and vibrant. In big turns I flew over the hilly landscape and enjoyed the flight and the view. I arrived finally over a plain, which was covered with a huge park with trees and regular footpaths. Some people could be seen walking along the paths.


From afar I saw the back of a beautiful young woman with black hair which caught my attention. I directed my flight towards her and approached her with high speed. I realized that my speed was too fast and that I would crash into the woman. Somehow the crash was not too bad and I kissed her. Unfortunately the dream began to fade away and I woke up hearing some rush in my body and my ears.


Comment: Soon after waking up it became clear to me that this dream had the quality of a lucid experience but it lacked nearly completely the self reflective attitude. Quite the reverse, my state was instinctive and not very conscious. I was very relieved when I recognized that I did not need to follow my “elder brother”, that I was free to fly, which was quite natural and logical to me in that state, which was “the unquestionable reality” at that time. But soon afterwards, I followed my instincts, without any questions too.