Christoph Gassmann in Lucid Dreaming


I had several lucid or flying dreams where my lucidity or my capability of flying was not understood or accepted by the other dream characters. Here are two examples:


April 2000: Evening Flight There was a good wind in town and I decided to fly. I leaned against the wind and quickly gained height with my sailing technique. It was a lovely warm evening at sunset and the thermal was good. Gaining height, I desperately asked myself if I was in a dream. But because everything was so real and my flying was absolutely natural I could not answer my question. Because I stretched my arms in a flying position, my muscles got a bit cramped, but the sight was outstanding.


The town was a mixture of Zurich (my native town) and an American town. An old American school bus was in my focus and caught my attention. Far below my position I then saw people moving in the streets. Two of them – a caretaker – and his son noticed me up in the sky and pointed towards me. Obviously I was creating a public nuisance in flying freely in the sky.


February 2001: In the Country of the Fools I traveled with a group of old, school-time colleagues in a train. Suddenly I asked the others where we would go to. They did not know, as I did not in the beginning, till I realized that we where travelling in the dream world. I looked around and was again amazed about the realism of my surroundings – the interior of the railroad car and the passing landscape outside the windows.


I was furthermore in a pretty stable lucid state. I tried to make our state clear to my colleagues and recommended they look at their hands to realize that they where in a dream. But they did not follow my suggestion. I looked at my hands and saw them and my arms very clearly. Christian, my old friend mimicked me laughingly but did not understand at all.


As a demonstration I began to fly and hovered head first and diagonally in the railroad car. But again nobody realized what was going on and the meaning of it. Out of pure frustration I became again unconscious and continued to dream normally. Later I realized again the situation but now I was indifferent.


After the first dream I asked myself if in dreams it is possible to intrude in other worlds – mental worlds – where people are as ignorant of their state as people are in our world. The interesting thing in that world was, that it was not believed as impossible to fly – no – it was considered to be against the public conventions! – It was not decent to fly.


After the second dream my thoughts went more along personal considerations. The dream showed me that a part of my conditioning, which was represented by my old school friends who had a more materialistic point of view, did not understand at all the impact of lucid dreaming. The sad thing about that was that I accepted to become un-lucid because I could not convey to them the importance of the subject and because I did not want to be left alone with my insight. Here lays a personal obstacle to become lucid in dreams again. I wonder, how many dream flyers and lucid dreamers meet similar obstacles in their dreams?