Christin Michel – Guinea Pig in Lucid Dreaming


I was followed by some strangers who wanted to insult me or do something bad to me. In the dream I didn’t know what they wanted, only that I should run, because they were bad. So I entered a room with glass walls. It looked like a bar. This was the point I recognized that I was dreaming.


A friendly barkeeper stood behind the wooden counter. I realized that I could transform into a guinea pig, because that way, the strangers would not recognize me anymore. It was my first transformation into an animal.


The transformation started in the moment of thinking of the guinea pig. I knew that I shrank because the counter got a lot bigger.


It was only a short moment of being so small, then I woke up. But I knew I felt a different way than I usually do in a lucid dream. It was a special moment that hopefully occurs again and for longer.