Chris Cunniffe – Put Your Outer Alien Magnets On In Lucid Dreaming

Vivid lucid dream: I’m inside a residential garage. I’m lucid. (Upon waking, I could not recall any specific trigger that caused me to become lucid. There may have been a prior scene that triggered it.) As I’m floating in mid-air, I say out loud, as if I’m speaking to the dream or my inner self, “Show me something important.”

My body starts to be pulled in a circular pattern around the garage. Eventually, I’m near the side wall of the garage (the right side if I’m facing the garage door from the inside). I see what looks like a bumper sticker. It says: Put Your Outer Alien Magnets On (or something very close to this). The bumper sticker includes a small logo. Possibly a makeshift alien image?

I then decide to see if I can float through the garage door to the outside. When I attempt this, I just bang into the garage door. This banging felt very much as if I had done the act in waking reality. The door that goes into the interior of the house is open. There is a short hallway that leads into the house and I notice what appears to be the rear side of a large number of televisions (perhaps six or more). I walk toward the televisions….

I hear my mother’s voice. I’m able to peer into the room, which seems like a kitchen. Mom is sitting up on a narrow bed, like a cot or a hospital-sized bed. There are two young children in the bed with her—a boy and a girl. They might be 2 or 3 years old. Both have dark hair. Mom realizes that I’ve never met these children. Mom refers to one of them by a nickname: “polar bear.” She says something like, “Oh, you haven’t met polar bear.”