Charmaine – Who Stripped Down My Car? October 2, 2002 in Lucid Dreaming

I am in a house somewhat like the one I grew up in. My mother and several male friends of mine are around; we watch various movies, go out to a restaurant for a meal and later return to the house. I go out into the driveway (it’s night now) and see that my car (a silver hatchback as in waking life) has been stripped down by someone to be a convertible.

It is in good condition but has been altered, with parts cut away and then smoothed over to make it open to the sky. It now looks like a low, roofless four-seater minivan, still silver with the same dark upholstery. A computerized, jerky, stuttering voice (vaguely female) issues from the car itself, trying to announce its make and model, as if the car’s “brain” had been damaged or reset by the alterations. I know it’s not supposed to look like this, and I begin to get upset, wondering whether it has been benevolently altered or if thieves did this to strip away some of the car’s infrastructure to sell.

I turn to go back inside, but suddenly it occurs to me that things this upsetting never happen to me in waking life, only in dreams — therefore I’m dreaming. I instantly become lucid. I give my rapid-fire sequence of suggestions: “Clarity now! Full focus now! I raise my vibrational frequency now!” I wonder if I’ve gotten all the understanding of this dream that I need, and decide that I have and I don’t need to continue it. I find myself instantly shooting straight up into the sky with my arms raised overhead. I could see stars before, but now space takes on a deep violet or ultraviolet, misty, cloudy look and texture.

As I rise, I anticipate sending the report of this lucid to Lucy for LDE. It soon feels as if I’m punching through the wall of spacetime — through the fabric of this dark violet, misty layer — into a different kind of experience, where the idea of space no longer applies and no words arise in my mind, as if language can’t occur there.

I rest peacefully in the post-violet, nonverbal non-space for an unspecified amount of non-time before reentering the dream state and having other mundane, non-lucid dreams (which turn out later to be mildly precognitive and/or clairvoyant). I awake and have the feeling that I was able to bring back only a vague, undifferentiated memory of my experiences in that non-space because it was so featureless in terms of the physical senses and because I haven’t learned how to translate that kind of experience (where nothing seems to “happen”) into terms my waking self can remember and make sense of.