Cerina – Reflections of a Window

I had a lucid dream… What tipped me off is realizing I wanted to fly. I was in a room with huge windows on the right, the ones that opened if you pulled them up. I was so excited I was lucid, I etched ‘I am dreaming’ into the windowsill and watched the letters change into something incohesive. Then I tried to sprout wings out of my back and I flew out one of the windows. I was in a residential area and there were hedges that I flew over. The leaves were bright green and there was a red dot on one.

In my excitement I thought of how high I could fly or that I could go to space, or that I could be a mermaid underwater. It was daytime and when I thought about switching it to night the stars came out, but not gradual as in waking life. It was like a slide from one time of day to the other, but it quickly switched back to day.

I started to fly over a foyer with a table in the middle and huge glass windows, almost mirror like, wrapping around the buildings. I flew down and stopped in front of the windows. As I was watching my reflection, the reflection stepped out of the window. This reflection looked very similar to myself, but she had blue tinges in her hair and her personality was totally different from mine. She had this mentor-like quality to her.

I asked her something. She levitated the table in the courtyard and threw it against a wall. I asked her if she could teach me to do this. The table was set up again. There were three items on it and I was told to hold the table. Before I picked up the table, I decided to stand in front of the glass and another reflection stepped out.

I was holding the table and I was asked what it looked like. I had no idea, but the second reflection said, “Oil.” Then the mentor grabbed her arm and said, “Shhh, let her figure it out.” The second reflection got annoyed and said that she had to meet up with her boyfriend. She left through the entrance of the foyer. At this point the dream began to fade.

I concluded that each reflection embodied what I desired to be or desired to have the moment I saw my reflection, regardless of the lack of emotion I remember feeling in those moments.