Catherine Burns – The Stairs to the Barrow in Lucid Dreaming


I was walking with a woman I didn’t know across flat grassland towards a hill with a stone barrow on the top (like the bronze-age entrance graves I’d seen in the Scilly Isles recently). A sign said that the barrow was closed, but I could see people milling around it and inside it.


There were some stairs cut into the foot of the hill and I started up them, but as often happens in my dreams the ascent became steep and precarious. When this happened I recognised it as a dream scenario. I checked by looking at my hands. My hands looked fine but not quite as stable as in waking life so I decided it must be a dream.


As per my latest reading, instead of addressing the nearby dream characters, I addressed the dream directly. (At this point a German Shepherd dog materialised on the ground below.) I said to the dream ‘How can I make myself a kinder and nicer person?’


As I spoke, my body, without any direction from me, moved away from the stairs and started ascending in the air. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the speed of the ascent although it wasn’t very fast – just ‘definite.’


The dream didn’t reply and I woke immediately, but behind my closed eyes was a phenomenon of white dots that I’d never experienced before. I’ve since got further in my reading on lucid dreams and realise that my question might have been worded better.