Cassandra Pegg – First Lucid!  in Lucid Dreaming


This was my first time becoming lucid. I woke up at around 6:00 AM and went back to bed. By around 6:30 AM my mind was wandering. I believe I was thinking of a beach and it was the first time that visualization actually worked for me. I heard and felt the dream (although I don’t think I was actually sleeping at this point) and then I told myself, “I’m dreaming.” I almost lost the dream a few times from the excitement.


Saying “I’m dreaming” didn’t actually make me lucid, but I visualized my hands and said, “I’m dreaming,” one more time and then I think I was lucid. I flew into the dream, but it was more like bouncing because it was my first time and flying was difficult. I asked a dream character to tell me something about myself, but he told me to ask one of the older dream characters, which I didn’t get to do before I woke up.


I also changed the nighttime into daytime. Then I got too excited and woke up. I’m so happy, but I don’t think my lucidity was strong enough since I couldn’t fly very well.