C.S. – May 11 2001 8:30 am in Lucid Dreaming


I slept only 4 hours off and on during the night, and got out of bed at 3 am. I was experiencing so much pain that I finally took 1/2 of a regular Tylenol and went back to bed for a nap at 7 a.m. I awakened after one hour but decided to sleep some more.


I heard people talking outside my window. Since the window was open, I was concerned that they might be up to some mischief. Then, I remembered that hearing voices was a sign that I was going into a lucid dream. I decided to get out of bed. However, I fell to the floor. Feeling lousy, I could only crawl on the floor. I could see only a fraction; as if I were looking through a small hole. I continued to crawl into the hallway, trying to control the dream. My husband walked into the hall. I asked him for help. He looked down on me and said “Have I ever told you?” I said “What?” he said “How much you mean to me?”


Suddenly I was standing up and the room was in brilliant color. I was delighted and yelled “I’m lucid!” In an instant the darkness enveloped me as I looked down at my fingers which were covered with duct tape. Donald walked into the room and sat down. I sat next to him as I removed the tape and told him that I took some Tylenol and something has gone wrong in my brain. He yelled “Why did you take a Tylenol when you know we are going to see Dr. Levy and you need a clear head?” I said “I can’t stand the pain any longer.” I need to take something.”


Fortunately, I woke up from this miserable dream. The pain was now tolerable, but I was feeling spacey. I rarely take any medicines since I am exquisitely hypersensitive to all drugs, which give serious side effects.