C.S. – February 27 1995 The Definition of Pain: Insurance


After reading lucid techniques in LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams, I decide to ask a dream character the definition of “pain”. Then I visualize a pink lotus with a flame in the center….


I found myself walking in an underground tunnel with cement walls. I said, “I’m dreaming!” I was very delighted that I finally did it! I made a reality check by flying on my back. I could see my feet. I caressed my left forearm with my right hand. I could barely feel the touch so I did it again. Then I squeezed my thumb knuckle. I definitely felt that….


I looked around and I was still in a tunnel. However, I was very cold and shivering. I thought I might not have covers on me in bed, so I better pull them up. I was still cold so I decided to find some clothes to put on in the dream. I saw some long underwear hanging up. I was putting on the underwear while people around me were laughing. I didn’t care….


I flew over an office. I could see women below. I yelled down, “Does anyone know the definition of “pain”? I got a lot of gibberish. Discouraged, I flew on.


I was in an area with green foliage. I noticed the philodendron plants were as large as trees. I flew under them.


Then I decided to touch myself again, so I caressed my left forearm. This time, I could feel short, thick hairs. I was surprised since I can’t feel any in waking life.


I asked the men, “What does insurance mean?” I thought that was a good word for attorneys. One man started defining it. I needed to write it down to remember it. However all of the pieces of paper were irregularly cut and small or covered with scribbles. I started to write, but my pencil broke….I studied carefully for feelings of pleasure and pain and decided I had neither….I squeezed my thumb knuckle, and it felt the same as my first squeeze.


I decided to let the dream take me where it will. I was in a hallway with Cousin Carol. I decided attorneys (or doctors) worked there. Carol and I entered one of the offices. Two men sat behind the desk. There were no chairs around, so Carol sat on a box of files. I sat on an open box, but since it was soft, it fell in as I fell over. I sat there laughing, along with the others.


The attorney was saying something very logical, but did not complete the sentence….I was determined to get an answer for the definition of “insurance”….Then the guy said, “Insurance is for everyone. Insurance cares for people.” I woke up immediately with these words. I repeated them and wrote them down.


Note: I have no idea why I chose the word, “insurance”. It wasn’t on my mind. However, I was an insurance examiner many years ago and do associate attorneys and insurance. It would have made more sense to make the offices belong to doctors, so I could ask about “pain” as I had programmed.