Britton Theurer – Two Lucid Dreams in Lucid Dreaming


I am a very novice lucid dreamer. But one of my experiences is a unique example of shape-shifting/ morphing. And the second dream might encourage others to try the Castaneda technique to find one‘s hands in order to wake up in a dream. As background, I have been working on intentionally becoming lucid in dreams recently. I have been particularly inspired by Robert Waggoner‘s book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.


Years ago I read Stephen LaBerge‘s books and even bought and tried a Nova Dreamer mask to signal when I was dreaming. When I read in Lucid Dreaming about Carlos Castaneda‘s recommendation to find one‘s hands in a dream, I was reminded of my efforts in high school and college to do the same, but not with Robert‘s success. I redoubled my efforts prior to the following dreams. One of my ambitious dreaming goals has been to try to heal my wife‘s arthritis in her fingers so she can more easily play her viola.


Dream 1, October 4, 2015: Being a Harpsichord: Music From the Inside Out


I am with my daughter or sister. I am fuzzy-headed, so don‘t know which! I am learning to morph into a harpsichord. (I am a recently retired trumpet professor and an active composer.) Gary Smart (a brilliant composer, pianist, and friend) is there to help. I am at this point aware that I am dreaming. I become very still and notice that, looking up or out, I can see the keys of the harpsichord being played (I assume by Gary). The sound is far away – barely can hear it. I stay still so as not to disturb the dream or the state of being.


Then I am in a post-dream breakfast area with my wife and daughter. There is lots of food. Rice balls and weird seafood: network of thin, red and white tentacles arranged like choral – very tasty. There is a recipe book of a Japanese Friend of my Japanese-Canadian wife. My daughter or my sister (I am no longer lucid) says she had the same ‘harpsichord experiment’ dream. I realize I have not awoken but am in a ‘false awakening.’


Dream 2, October 16, 2015: See My Hands!


I am walking in a big expansive field with several options for engagement: A circus or carnival (sort of bent like Ray Bradbury‘s Something Wicked This Way Comes.) and a town with tall buildings. I feel that I just came from a disturbing dream so I choose to go between the town and the carnival, which I sense is not an obvious choice.


I sense that this is a dream, my hands pop up, and my energy catapults as I realize that I am lucid! I remember my intent to find my wife Glenna in order to heal her fingers. The dream starts to fade as I see her and wake up.


It is apparent that I have much work to do to build my ability to MEME as Robert recommends in Lucid Dreaming. In order to sustain the dream, one must 1. Modulate one‘s emotions, 2. Elevate one‘s awareness, 3. Maintain focus (by avoiding staring at any one dream object), and 4. Establish one‘s aim (which I did in this dream).


The journey continues!


Britton Theurer

Greenville, NC