Brian Stanton – Inquiring Into The Important: An Unsettling Future in Lucid Dreaming


(WILD reentry into dream.) I arrive in dreamland sitting crosslegged on the floor, fully lucid. Rising, I exclaim, ‘This is all a dream, it‘s all in my head!’ and marvel at the realism of the dimly lit room I‘ve been transported to. With strong focus, I ghost through the door, emerging outside under a canopy of stars. I gaze upwards and intend to visit the heavens, but my flying abilities sputter after some minor levitation. Time to switch gears.


Remembering my goal to question the inner awareness, I return to the ground and will the scene to become lighter…PRESTO, the sun begins to peak over the horizon and illuminate the setting with an orange glow. I realize I‘m now standing in what appears to be an abandoned city, reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse film. Turning my head to the sky, I croak, ‘Show me something important.” My voice sounds weak, cracked. I try again, but the hoarseness persists.


Faraway, on the horizon, I spot a cloud of billowing smoke raging and swirling furiously. As the cloud draws closer, I sense it may be the ‘important’ message, though it seems insidious. Self preservation kicks in. Gesturing purposefully, I attempt to use magic to halt the approaching smoke. No luck. Scrambling, I try to construct a forcefield around myself with more ridiculous hand motions. This effort also fails.


Now the cloud is nearly upon me and I stand my ground, curiosity trumping my desire to turn and flee. Out of the cloud emerges a hovering atomcraft, complete with nucleus and orbiting electrons. The object is roughly half my size and piloted by a type of homunculus figure, whom I barely glimpse. Momentarily, a swarm of identical atom-crafts shoot forth from the cloud and rush by without any form of contact. The dream fades…


Comment – Following Waggoner‘s guidance, I asked the awareness behind the dream to ‘show me something important.’ My unconscious responded in no small manner, producing a swarm of seemingly alien craft against the backdrop of an apocalyptic dreamscape. This setting of an abandoned, dilapidated city seems particularly relevant. Setting aside conventional notions, could this dream represent a glimpse into Earth‘s future?


Were my failed efforts at stopping the cloud symbolic of mankind‘s failure to stop these beings? (Perhaps my unorganized display of haphazard gestures is more to blame). Were the aliens even to blame for the state of the city? Have I simply watched too many science fiction movies? My rational faculties nod vigorously to this final question, though it wasn‘t those faculties that produced the dream.