Brendan Moran – Atmospheric Entities in Lucid Dreaming


This was my second lucid dream. This time I had an agenda and when I “woke up” in my dream, I said that I wanted to go to the Moon and check out all the structures there. I know that we are not alone, but I wanted to see what was there.


I had in my thoughts that I wanted to actually travel there, like flying, so my body lifted up and I shot out of the atmosphere towards the Moon. On my way there, about halfway between the earth and the Moon, I could see many entities all over our atmosphere. I could not tell what they were, but they were beings suspended in space. They were alive and many were conversing with one another.


From what I could make out they were in humanoid form, but they were not human. I noticed while flying by one group that one of these entities engaged in a conversation looked at me while I was flying by, stopped the conversation, and flew after me. I could sense this presence did not have good intentions and felt that it was going to harm me. As the entity was approaching me, I sensed that it was going to try and stop me from going to the Moon. It came upon me and wrapped its arms around me to stop me.


I had a previous lucid dream where I used telekinesis to move large objects around, so when this entity tried to thwart my advancement towards the Moon, I pushed out a strong electrical vibration from all around my body, like a pulsating force field, to keep this entity from getting me. It worked, but I was so shook up by the experience, that it woke me up from my dream and I never got to the Moon.