Boo Radley – Meeting in Lucid Dreaming

I have been Lucid Dreaming on and off for about seven years now. At 62 years, I find the phenomenon, along with out of body experiences (OBEs), to be the most fascinating discovery of my life, second only to becoming a parent. While I’ve had many lucid dreams before, the following dream was extremely exceptional for reasons which will become apparent.

I need to set the event up first. My longest and best friend since high school, also named Steve, passed away a dozen or so years ago. Unfortunately, for reasons not relevant to my dream, Steve and I became estranged a few years before he passed. The fact that we hadn’t reconciled before his death just added to a personal life crisis I was going through. However, about five or so years ago, I was awestruck to learn that Steve was still around. Through the observations of two experienced OBE-ers, who did not know each other or each other’s experience, I learned that Steve was present in my bedroom on the handful of times each had paid me a nocturnal visit. Neither had ever met Steve, so it was through a fairly scientific experiment involving a specific set of questions I asked them to ask Steve (yes, they could interact!) that I determined that Steve was truly with me. Plus, they each nailed his physical description.

Though Steve responded to the set questions, he avoided answering the most important one for me: Why was he still “here” and what was his interest in me? Well, I believe I got the answer to my question in the following lucid dream. The dream started out as a “normal” dream. I was among a group of fifteen or so old friends from my Pamplona, Spain, “Running with the Bulls” years. Since 1978, I have been to the Running about six or seven times. In 1979, I had convinced Steve to go and, amazingly, Steve had continued to go each July from 1979 up until his death. (He missed the odd year or so, and during the time in hospital.)

We were all moving from bar to bar, as is the norm in Pamplona for seven straight days, and I distinctly remember that Steve wasn’t with us. In my normal dream, the lot of us had just sat down at a large round table for our dinner. I started looking around the table and really couldn’t tell who was who until I looked directly across from me. When I did, the sight of Steve’s mischievous blue eyes staring into mine immediately snapped me LUCID! Steve was obviously amused at my surprise and clearly said, “I wondered how long it was going to take you to wake up!!!” Simultaneously, we both stood up, knocking over our chairs, ran around the table and gave each other a most ferocious bear-hug, crying in each other’s arms with me saying over and over, “I’m so sorry. I love you and miss you so!” and Steve saying back over and over, “I know, Steven … I know.” I distinctly remember feeling his tears against my face, his week-old bristled cheek (his norm), and the warmth of his body during our hug.

As you could probably guess, the overwhelming excitement and joy slapped me immediately awake. I lay in my bed for a long time awestruck at what I just experienced, thanking my Spirit Guide, my Higher Self and, of course, Steve for managing to pierce the veil to allow us both the closure long denied us. As you can tell, I haven’t a doubt in the world that Steve and I did meet and that both of us are all the more at peace for having done so.