Betsy Budney – ‘Where’s My Husband’ in Lucid Dreaming

I knew almost right away that it was a dream, without even asking. But getting excited, I asked anyway, and pushed my fist into a wall like I do when I’m awake and asking. It was like pushing on hard sugar icing, and I made a crackled, rounded indentation.

I was then walking down a hall in my house (not my house), past lots of people, and I thought, Hey, why not? So I peeled off my clothes and enjoyed walking naked past two old ladies who were asking each other what I was doing. Smiling, I continued down the hall, pushing dents in the wall several times with both hands. I was looking for a window to fly out of, but there was no window. I looked for an elevator to fly past, but there was no elevator. Then, around the corner I knew there’d be a stairwell. 

There was a little boy there, and I took his hand to go look for his parents in the stairwell. I was surprised when I opened the door and on a railed landing saw an alien-looking older boy with three alien-looking younger boys. He wanted the boy I had by the hand, but frightened by the strangeness, I closed the door quickly.

I turned around (the boy no longer with me), and again feeling happy thought, Why not? I flipped my hand too quickly to see if it changed like Charlie Morley said it would, then flipped slowly, and I had two bumps between my pinky and ring finger. Weird, but I was happy it worked!

Then, I decided to fly like I did when I was a kid. I bent my knees, lifted off, and flapped my arms hard. I had to work to stay above the people who all tried to catch me. When I got to the end of the hall, there was a canopy bed with three men in it. Two got out, and I flopped onto the bed. The man still in the bed made a move, and I said no, then I thought, Why not? and called out, “Where’s my husband?” wondering which of the three men he was. One man started to crawl onto the bed and I woke up.