Betsy Budney –  Dream Kiss in Lucid Dreaming

I was in another apartment in my building where I’ve lived most of my life, and everything was “wrong”—the remodel, the neighbors, the layout. And on the way up the stairs, I saw the paint on the wall was peeling. I knew the paint was wrong. We’ve had wallpaper for many years.

Everything was just off, and I was trying to remember when particular things had been changed. I touched the paint; it was rough. I thought, “Is this a dream?” and I got excited. I turned back down the stairs and asked out loud, “Is this a dream?” and I knew it was.

Kirsten Dunst came in from outside. I thought, I’m going to test it, ask her to do something I would never do in real life. I said, “Will you kiss me?” She looked surprised, and came over to kiss me! Then she started to again, and I put my hand up and said, “No, that’s okay,” because now I knew for sure it was a dream. I couldn’t stop smiling in the dream, and was so excited when I woke up.