Ben Holt –  Lucid Dreams in Lucid Dreaming


My lucid dreams always start differently. They begin as a usual dream in which I’m doing a regular daily activity. Something out of place happens and I realize I’m dreaming. This is generally triggered by the laws of physics not working quite the same; an object falls too slow, or I’m doing things I ordinarily could not do (strength, speed, telekinesis, etc.).


My mind immediately wants to be free from the current dream and I ask to see God/the spirit realm. I fly towards a light or I step through a “barrier” of some kind (a stained glass wall, a glowing ceiling) and I find myself in “heaven.” There are endless colors and fields of flowers and beautiful plant life I can’t describe. The sky above is lit as if I’m only miles from the Sun. There are people dancing and playing like children, flying around and laughing. I fly around myself crying with joy.


In various dreams where I see this place, I’ve been in control of the surroundings, but never the people I’m with. In one particular one I floated a mans hat off his head onto my own and he exclaimed “Hey my hat!!!” and I smiled and said, “But you still have it.” To which he felt his head and realized we both had hats now and we could have whatever we wanted. So we laughed together and I flew away.


The most intense of these was when I asked God while in this place to purify my soul and show me God’s true nature, free from all the things I built in my mind in dreams based on images from my waking life. I was encompassed by the light above and every sense I have was entirely overwhelmed by “God.” It was pure love. Infinite love. I felt one with everything, every person, every atom. My mind simply did not have the senses capable of comprehending it, so I merely gave in entirely and felt as if I could stay there for eternity and never care about anything again but God’s perfect love.


ognized this as the place where that infinity energy of God comes from and lets us see time outside of the physical world. It was truly incomprehensible when I tried to recall exactly what I had felt once I had woken up, because a finite being cannot comprehend infinity, but it changed me from my core out. I look back at that “dream” and it felt more real to me than any moment in my entire life. No experience of love from any one person on this planet could compare to what I felt from God. I hope others out there will see this as well, and if not I hope it comforts them that there is so much more to us than this physical body. The soul is truly eternal! God is love 🙂