Babajide – Beach Surprise in Lucid Dreaming


I just recently got into lucid dreaming and I’ve had roughly about 4 in the past 2 weeks. But one of my lucid dreams stood out in terms of beautiful scenery. I remember seeing a beach in the distance and I was in some sort of Aztec place. I remember I had to go down a set of stairs, walk a few meters, say 25m, and climb up another to get to the beach but as I was walking to the second set of stairs they increasingly became steeper and steeper such that I could no longer climb by walking.


I tried to use my hand but even then the stairs seemed to become very loose and crumbly and tilted so steeply against me that I feared they would fall over and crush me so I started heading back and up the original flight of stairs.


As I got to the top I couldn’t believe my eyes and instantly became lucid. There was this rock/mountain which was just simply ENORMOUS and it had shades of blue, green, yellow, and red that were unlike anything I had ever seen. It also had the most beautiful sky/ mist around it as well as some clear water surrounding it. It was so big that it occupied 2/3 of landscape and I wasn’t that close to it. I got so excited that I started flying and soon woke up from the pure excitement. I was a bit annoyed I didn’t get to explore the mountain; but by no stretch of comparison that is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have seen.