B. E. Berger – The Kindness of Strangers in Lucid Dreaming


This building has turned into a prison; the other women and I are not allowed out. We are being shuffled from area to area. Oh! I lost my bags, lost my purse; they were right there, but now they are gone. Some women are sitting in the aisle where I last had my bags. Are they there? No? Where could they be? No time to look; we are being moved to another room.


“But it can‟t be that bad,” I think. “I must be dreaming.” Now that I realize I am indeed dreaming, I expect the scene to evaporate and I will not know how it ends. But the scene remains, and I remain in the scene. “I am dreaming, but I am staying in the dream,” I realize.


I must try to call my parents so they do not worry, but I do not have my purse with my phone. I become afraid, because I am still in the prison even though I know it is a dream. As my group is being led into the hospital rooms, I linger and stay back. I become separated. An orderly sees me, and I say I am a visitor who needs to find the door.


He is friendly and doesn‟t question me. He shows me the exit door and I am out. Free! But, I do not have my purse. Without it, without my money, I can‟t get around. I am just a homeless person. A kind man helps me to get on the bus and pays my way. A link to my dream journal http://wp.me/P1ya28-3F.