Avivit Revah – Sleep Lab in Lucid Dreaming

Toward the end of a quite amazing lucid dream, I found myself in a seemingly native village in the mountains of South America. I went into one of the houses, where suddenly a girl appeared and pulled me into a small back room and closed the door.

“You know you should not be here,” she said, and there was a sense of intense urgency so I did not argue.

Since I was still lucid I just went out through the wall of that back room. I woke up but—Alas!—not in my bed, but in a sleep lab. I lost my clarity here and started yelling in English: “Where the hell am I? What the hell is this lab?!”

I was convinced I had woken up. There were young students there, along with two authority figures. One of them, in IDF [Israeli Army] field dress and long hair, was sitting next to a desk. The other one was standing at the edge of the room and looked high-tech.

When I noticed the first guy, I began to relax a bit and asked, this time in Hebrew: “Am I in Israel?”

“Yes,” he said

I still felt awkward, so I asked the other guy, “What year are we in?”

And he replied, “2215.”

Perplexed, I woke up this time in my bed, to my daily routine.

Now, although it is known it is all mind made, I was left with a strong feeling that it was not just a false awakening but a parallel reality experience.