Ave – Pulling Down The Veils in Lucid Dreaming

One of the most fascinating applications of lucid dreaming for me has been the opportunity to have a glimpse beyond my restricted personal life in one body.

In this dream recorded on Dec. 11, 2015, I am entering my childhood house and see on my left many small matryoshka dolls (or dolls nested within a larger doll) and a somewhat bigger white handbag on the table. There is some green cauliflower in the right corner, which I can eat a little. Some women of my own size do not pay attention to my eating, since they are expressing their opinions about the small people who are queuing on the left. According to their remarks, each of the people is placed into one of the small matryoshka dolls. The people are very excited about it. The next lady in the queue wants to become a white handbag on the table.

As they are dealing with the idea of who would become which doll, I feel no interest in becoming any of these matryoshka dolls or the white bag. I am distancing myself from the table. On my right, I see briefly a psychic lady (who I know in waking life). She is watching me with interest and a highly conscious look. I know we can talk later, but right now I exit this room by stepping through the wall. I find myself in the street. I feel my body straight, very light and highly conscious. (Body awareness is often a trigger for lucidity in my dreams.)

I start rising higher into the air. At some point I face a glass window covered by dark veils. I barely see some light emerging through these veils and so I start pulling them down with my two hands. At last the window is free and I see the light through the rain on the window. I think this is awakening now, but it turns out not yet, since I awake a few seconds later in my bed due to hearing my own breathing.

I am interpreting the act of placing the people into the dolls as reincarnation and the white bag as maybe becoming some important person. I interpret exiting the house and flying lucidly to symbolize liberty for me. The dark covers I pull off, I associate with pulling away the distorting Veils of Maya or illusion.