Ave Minajeva – Immense Peace in Lucid Dreaming

I had times I was very interested and systematically incubated dreams in order to address the unknown awareness behind the dream. In this following dream I find myself with my car on a narrow forest road. The dream setting looks very realistic as it corresponds exactly to the real woods‘ I am used to visiting.

Similar to waking reality there are some narrow places on this road which cause some real concerns about what to do if another car should approach me. In the dream I have a feeling this is what‘s going to happen now – feeling another car is already approaching mine from the south.

Then, a black Mazda appears, but before I can move my car little more to the side to make space, the Mazda is starting to dig itself into the ground the way some rats or moles do. It is passing my car underground, then rises back to the surface of the road distant from me and continues on its way. This is weird and I recognize this is a dream.

Immediately I recall my task, turn my back to the scenery, and call up into the sky to show me the unknown. Since in this dream I am fully lucid I don‘t feel the fear or struggle I had experienced in other attempts when non-lucid. This fearless attitude tunes me more towards surrender and acceptance.

The sky becomes wide and open; it looks dark but it is neither black nor white really. And from this sky above me an immense sense of peace and serenity is sinking down onto me, penetrating totally my entire being. I wake with this sense of peace, able to carry it with me and recall it several days later.

The intellectual message of this dream for me is that in spite of all worries, concerns and problems my mind might figure out, first, there is unlimited intelligence to find solutions and second, there is an immense peaceful presence I can contact any time.