Ave – Getting The Dream Shoes Back at the Time Arena in Lucid Dreaming

In the initially sub-lucid dream, I see a stone gate to my right with the heading comprised of two words in English. I can’t recall the first but the second word was “mine.” It is a sort of tourist attraction and I entered for visiting. At the door one had to take off one’s shoes. I place my shoes separately from the others to the right from the door since I am feeling concerned about someone taking them.

The attraction appears to be a round stone building with a diameter of about 20m, resembling the arena or the stadium: there are stone benches rising at all sides. I can observe it from one side. From inside the benches the human stone statues rise and disappear randomly. I find a black disc in my hands resembling a gramophone record. Actually, each visitor has one such disc and by turning it in the hands they can alter the point of time and the entire arena turns to change its angle respectively. The people have been visiting this place for thousands of years, knowing about the time disc but still finding it attractive.

As I am about to leave I cannot find my shoes at the entrance where I had left them. Has anyone taken them? Was I supposed to store them in the public storage room with all the other visitors? As I slowly start to remember these were shoes of gray color I used to have over two decades ago, the linings of the shoes appear. No! Man, this is impossible! These shoes didn’t have the interior linings like rain boots and who could have managed to remove them and leave them with the linings outwards! This must be a dream!

With the increase of lucidity I feel I am starting to wake up. But getting back my dream shoes seems a supreme task and I quickly decide to sink back into the dream scenario. However, being lucid doesn’t make my shoes re-appear. I have to drift deeper into sub-lucidity to ensure the dream scenario runs smoothly. And here they are, my gray shoes in perfect shape for me!

I wake up quite fast after the end of this dream to realize the short episode of lucidity was sufficient indeed to empower the dream with necessary intent for the desired action. The shoes of the past represent a certain personal path of life I might feel being abandoned and might consider picking up and developing further again. It appears also to be an accomplished dream task since I had told myself should there be any lucidity and time related dream before the deadline I’d post it.