Ashton – Three Lucid Dreams

First Experience: When I was about 9 years old: (At first I’m not aware I’m dreaming.) There was a zombie apocalypse and I was desperate to find someone. Eventually I came across my Grandmother. My first instinct was to take her and leave. So I picked her up and flew vertically into the air. After getting about 300 feet high, I stopped and felt something was off. Right away I realized it was impossible to fly and came to the conclusion I was dreaming. With my grandma cradled in my arms, I dropped her. I remember watching collapsed buildings below me, and the air had a light red transparent color. After that I don’t remember anything.

University High: When I was 13 I had the following lucid dream: It was the first day of college and I wandering around a “campus.” The layout was my middle school with kids I went to school with. I got excited whenever I came across someone I knew, which was often. Eventually I woke up and shortly fell back to sleep. When I started dreaming again, I was in the same situation. I quickly realized I was dreaming and wanted to make the most of the situation. I made my way to the gym and saw a kid I knew. I tried to convince him he was dreaming, even though I knew how pointless it was. He seemed lost, and acted as if I was crazy. It was kind of like a test. I wanted to see how a conversation with my own “thought” would go. I remember waking up again and trying to go back into the dream but it didn’t work.

Stone City: When I was 16 I had a lucid dream which started with me being in a city which at first I didn’t recognize. I wanted to become familiar with the area, so I went off to explore. While on my journey, I looked across the street and saw a laundry mat at a Y intersection. Behind the laundry mat to the left was a hospital. This is exactly how an area in my city is, but everything was made of stone and the laundry mat had a beer dispenser in the middle of the building. In the dream the laundry mat had cut 2/3 through to the other side with the vending machine in it, while in real life the building is whole with only windows in the front. This is when I realized I was dreaming.
I stayed calm to avoid waking and went to explore even more. Next, I remember being inside a building (how I got there was completely unknown but it still felt natural). Inside was an unreasonably long curved counter about 50 feet long. Behind It was a McDonalds, though the building wasn’t a McDonalds. In my dream I thought McDonalds didn’t sell smoothies but in real life now they do. Still aware I was dreaming, I wanted to force the person at the counter to make a smoothie but they wouldn’t make it. Not even with a bit of annoyance, I left. I walked right into a dim hall, then came back into the McDonalds which was now a tall building with many windows like a skyscraper. The area was bright and had a happy vibe. After that is blank but I do remember bits and pieces of exploring more.