Arlindo Batista – Overcoming the Fear of Demonic Figures in Lucid Dreaming


I had an extremely vivid dream where several family members sat around a large table and my sisterin-law Sharon was a visitor. My mother-in-law had prepared a milk-based drink for me. I took a sip and it was horrible because it was cold and it had curdled quickly. Sharon was sarcastically commenting on the lovely drinks that her mother makes.


Then, I went out and saw a middle-aged man fighting a group of yobs. I thought the man was losing and a woman was screaming in despair which I took to be his partner. I was about to interfere when the man suddenly seemed to have acquired superhuman strength and overpowered the yobs. This made me happy.


The scenery changed and I was at this huge house which seemed to be falling apart. There were many apertures all around which seemed to have been breached by people from the outside who had tried to break in. Many people lived there and the host was June, a friend of mine’s mother who passed away quite recently. In the dream, I didn’t remember that she had died and I spoke to her as if she was still alive. She told me about how dangerous the neighbourhood was with all the yobs about. She had a few people guarding the house at night. She cooked some nice food and gave me some on a tray for me to take to Sandra, my mother-in-law. I was suddenly back at home where me and my wife, Stacey, were trying to sleep but bikes were revving outside. Stacey became impatient and checked the clock on the wall. I woke up from that dream to use the toilet and looked at the clock. It was 4am.


When I was done I went down to induce a WILD. Hissing vibrations ensued. All of a sudden, I heard noises like someone was trying to break in the house. I was thinking about checking it out but then I remembered that in that state it was probably an auditory hallucination. I raised my head a little and suddenly acquired partial vision. I could see my room and heard a fluttering noise of something approaching. I looked at the doorway and saw what looked like a flock of bats barging in, which merged with shaded areas of the room and disappeared. I seemingly separated from my body and rubbed my hands to engross myself in that room replica that had more posters on the walls than it should. I blew on my hands and saw what looked like a stream of hot air which appeared to help me manifest the entire house as I moved around from room to room. This transparent shimmering stream which I perceived to come from my mouth was also brightening up the environment and greatly improving my vision in the lucid dream world.


I went back to my room to see my sleeping body, only to find that it was missing as well as the bed. Stacey was asleep on the floor. I shook her and woke her up deliberately to tell her that I was “out-of -body”. She just mumbled incoherently. I told her that she couldn’t say much because she was probably a figment of my imagination in a dream world. She shrugged and laid back down. I told her I could turn her into a demon if I wanted to. At that point, her form stood up and turned to face me. Her facial features changed, her teeth were sharp and her eyes were unnaturally black as though her pupils had severely dilated. It was the typical demonic mydriasis [eye pupil dilation] seen in the movies. She smirked and snarled as she lunged forward in an attack. This startled me but I fought back and there came a point where I grabbed both her arms and stared her in the face to say that she wasn’t real. She turned back to normal and we started making love which felt wetter than the waking life version of the act or it seemed like more fluids were involved. Suddenly, the thought form was no longer Stacey, but rather, a large curvaceous black woman at which point the sexual act was being carried out in the same manner that a pair of dogs would do. I left the room after that and went downstairs.


The house was well lit and the colours were brighter than usual. Outside, I encountered a hyper-real night time environment. There were many unpleasant-looking characters lurking in every corner but to me it was an adventure where I could fight and defeat bad guys. Eventually I found Ben, a friend of mine who also lucid dreams, and we joined forces to fight against whatever “dangers” lurked in that dark city which was somewhat beautiful and romantic. I didn’t feel scared at all. It was all rather exciting as the experience was unfolding like an action film with a brilliant storyline, where Ben and I were invincible heroes. We fought using our hands, guns and sometimes materialising strange weapons spontaneously.


Towards the end of the experience we had a whole team of fighters on our side, and after our victory we settled in a nice house where all of us talked about how amazing the metaphysical realm is. At one point a girl asked which looked more real, that world or the physical one. Everyone replied that the metaphysical seemed more real. I sat on a sofa and stroked its surface. It felt like leather. Ben walked by and remarked at how amazing the reality of where we were was. The others clamoured and toasted in agreement.


I told Ben I couldn’t believe how long the experience was lasting and asked him if he was really him. He told me he was and that perhaps we should establish the authenticity of the meeting. The others joined our conversation. Ben asked me if I own a pair of dogs and I told him I didn’t. He then turned to a team member and incredulously stated that he thought he said I owned a pair of dogs. He regarded that character as if he should be cognizant of everything about me and I began to wonder if that character was an element of my psyche through which Ben had been extracting information about me.


I suddenly remembered that my sister now owns the two Yorkshire Terriers that used to live with me and my mother when I was in my teens. I told this to Ben and he seemed reassured. People then regaled with talks on the hyperreality of the environment.


I looked out the windows of that strange house and saw daylight. I lost track of the conversation and the environment became more dreamlike, and finally, it felt like the dregs of a fading realm made of thoughts before I woke up. My body felt cold and my head refreshed. I think I needed an adventure like that. I got up and told Stacey that I had yet another lucid dreaming (I’d been successful for a few days in a row but this one was the most remarkable experience). It was 5.45am when I checked the clock.