Anonymous – June 2001 Serpent’s Kiss in Lucid Dreaming


I was lying back on the couch in the living room naked but for underwear. My mother and her boyfriend where there too. I had all my limbs twisted up like a little kid or baby might do, and felt like I was a small child. I was thinking that this scene had the quality of intense long-term Memories; that I would probably remember this moment for a very long Time.


I looked around the room and noticed the extremely white walls, the shelves with things on them, a coffee table with a plastic hamster cage on it. I looked at the cage and there was a big white rat inside, and I wondered why he was in such a little cage. Everything was so intensely sharp, almost painfully so, almost feeling like the sharp edge on a piece of broken glass.


Then I realized that maybe this was a dream because the situation was so weird — I started to feel embarrassed about my state of undress, but then it occurred to me that I wouldn’t have possibly come out like this in any situation, and I hadn’t been ashamed until I realized I wasn’t dressed. So I forced myself to stay with the shame and consider the possibility that this was really a dream. I was so confused at how this couldn’t be waking life; it seemed “realer than real”.


I wondered briefly if waking life was real, or how different the world outside my body is from what I perceive and construct it to be. But this scene was so lucid, I could hardly accept that it wasn’t reality. It was somehow utterly fascinating and compelling. I was thinking how I could touch my skin and feel it like normal, and could feel the couch touching my skin. That is until I started wondering if I could feel my RL body in bed and started to lose lucidity a bit, so focused instead on a snake that was on the couch.


I looked at the snake’s head and thought that this might be a Freudian dream symbol, which annoyed me. I figured that I must be having a migraine attack in real life, and the throbbing pain, which I get down my leg, must be confused here with something sexual. I thought for a second about actually kissing the snake, but felt immediate revulsion at the idea. I reminded myself that it was a dream and instead of casting away the idea, I let the snake come and he started kissing me.


I remembered the other people in the room, and now they disappeared. The snake kissed well, and I let him move his tail to that it was down my stomach and between my legs, hoping that it would stop the throbbing feeling. At that point I woke up (with a migraine).