Anne Masterson – September 2005 Speaking of Whether Adam Has Lucid Dreams. . .


I had a lucid healing dream recently. Finally!!! I saw a ball of light that spontaneously moved from one part of my body to another location seemingly at random. At this stage, I knew I was dreaming.


I thought of Adam, and also qi gong Grandmaster Feng (the teacher I met in real life in Beijing). In the dream I thought this must be what Adam means by an amorphous light he sends when he is healing, as described in his book. (Editor’s Note: See I also thought the ball of light looked like a pearl of qi as described by my qi gong teacher. Then, I decided that since I was lucid, I could deliberately send the pearl of qi (or ball of light) to any area in my body. I deliberately thought, “Go to the liver, now go to the heart, go to the head,” etc., and the pearl would go wherever I wanted.


Then I decided to experiment by just visualizing the body areas without formulating the directions in words. The pearl instantly moved. I continued to effortlessly orchestrate the movement of the pearl of qi, slowing or speeding up the movement or direction, and hovering or spinning the pearl over an area, as though treating the area with qi gong. I was pleased with the effect and began looking at “where” the pearl was located. I then saw I was viewing my own energy system as though from above and outside myself, while still moving the pearl. I saw the pearl was moving inside the energetic or medicine body, not actually in the physical body. I continued to experiment and explore for a very lengthy dream.


When I woke up I felt really energized and excited at what I had accomplished in my lucid dream. Thank you Grandmaster Feng and Adam! And Lucy! We had talked about Adam and how he actually does his healing.