Anna Racicot – Praying for Forgiveness in Lucid Dreaming

Steve (my husband) and I drive up to a crowded place similar to a house in our neighborhood where there is going to be a Buddhist event. A woman we have taken there tells us that people will be going naked to this event and, also, that people will have to write papers about a certain Tibetan lama. The woman leaves to go in. Steve and I take off our clothes and enter the building.

On the way, we overhear someone talking to R. about the paper people have to write. Everyone is writing about the same lama because that is the only lama that some other lama likes. “How about writing about the Karmapa?” this person suggests to R. This is a great idea, and R. knows it. She will do this and be the only one writing about the Karmapa.

Steve and I go up the steps to the mobile home where the event will take place. Inside, we see people standing in a row getting ready to read their papers aloud. None of them are naked. Steve and I duck down the hall. I tell him I’m going back to the car to get my clothes and ask if he’d like me to get his. Yes, he would.

I step out through a side door and head back toward the car. There are several people there, all clothed. I notice Steve has come with me. Then the area outside of the trailer gets more and more crowded. As we make a turn, I notice we are suddenly clothed. I point this out to Steve and say, “We must be dreaming.”

I see a couple of mildly threatening guys watching us walk by. They are younger and taller than I am. “You’re an idiot,” I tell one of these guys, “if you don’t know we are dreaming.” He looks at me blankly. I go over to him, rough up his clothing some, and launch him several feet into the other guy to prove my point. I say the same thing to his companion who, having seen what happened to his buddy, appears more congenial. I approach him, but since he isn’t offering me any resistance, I simply pick him up and push him up in the air.

Then I find myself in the air, floating, and I say a prayer: “Miserere….” But I can’t remember more of this Latin prayer so I simply pray in English for forgiveness for my sins. As I float down, I know people have heard me and I’m a little embarrassed that this is what I did with my lucid dream.