Anna Racicot – Looking For My Mother in Lucid Dreaming

In a long dream I’m at my father’s house with my husband, Steve, and several people, only it’s larger and more rambling than it really is. … Then that place changes and the area in front of the old fireplace becomes a little library nook. Someone mentions there are lots of small Dorjes piled up in this house. I’m in the main part of the house with Steve who, I believe, is wandering around lucid. I go into the nook. People are studying there and I see lots of thick books, many on lucid dreams.

I start talking to an older guy there and I begin to wonder out loud if I’m dreaming. He says I should test it. I step out of the alcove and try to fly. It’s very difficult and I’m not doing too well. The guy calls out to me that obviously I’m not dreaming. But I have flown a bit and I am convinced I am dreaming. I start flying in the room and Steve joins me.

We are going to fly up through the ceiling. There’s an exhilaration that goes with this effort. I want to see my mother and my Aunt Nettie, both of whom are deceased. I decide when we get on the other side of the roof we will be where they are. When we fly through the ceiling we come out into an upper story with a big post in the center. It’s a kind of meeting place or even a bar. As we walk around toward the center where a man is serving drinks or food, I say to Steve how wonderful it is to be lucid in a dream together.

 I go up to the man and tell him I am looking for my mother and my aunt. “They are not here,” he says. This is Turkistan or something. As I walk away I overhear someone make a remark about us to the man, and the man replies that he knows Steve and I are just here in spirit.

A small terrier-type dog or puppy is nipping at our heels. Steve has already started going back through the floor by sliding down the post as if it were a fire pole. I follow him, thinking at least we’ll get rid of this puppy. As we slide down I think I should be careful not to slide into hell. We end up back in the big house and, to my amazement, the puppy has followed us. Maybe my dad will take him, I think. The dream goes on, but I lose lucidity at this point.