Anders Auke – Multiple Lucid Dreams in a Row: Staying Aware Between Dreams with Help from Dream Characters in Lucid Dreaming


I was trying to perform WILD, but ended up on my side and went into sleep instead. This was at work where I had to respond to an alarm call so it was hard to remember everything when I later sat down to write it out.


For the first time, I am sure dream characters were helping me with staying lucid. There was a grey Jester who was moving around my body, pulling my neck, and stroking me between dreams, it was a blackness, I was laying on my back, and I was at least partly aware. His action could be compared with what a helper is doing in a rebirthing session. I could feel his presence and sort of saw his face through the darkness. He was there when I woke, sort of like a coach who was prepping me before a match. I also felt the presence of one more helping character. A man in a suit with sunglasses staying more in the background. Just watching what I was doing and ready to come into play when I became ready.


I had 4-6 lucid dreams in a row. The first two dreams are short and low on lucidity. My family is there, but that is all I can remember. Then in the next, my consciousness increases and I want to explore something. I remember that I spontaneously begin to fly and the dream characters look at this in disbelief. “He can’t do that,” they say while pointing. I land because I have much experience with flying, and want to do something new. I want to taste something and find myself generating some fruits on a plate. I choose the apple and concludes that it tastes like apple.


I have another experience with losing the dream, but not waking up, and waking in another lucid dream. I now tell the Jester that I know that he is real, since he is there between dreams. The jester and the man with the sunglasses, do not answer me, instead other dream characters are disappearing. Now I start to fly again, and I remember Robert Waggoner’s quest to go out into space. I will this and go flying/floating at high speed in darkness with spread particles.


I then remember the wish to go to the uttermost limits of the universe, or to the beginning. I come to floating gold and fire like objects that were spinning, I thought that this must be the beginning. I had a strong lust to disintegrate, merge with the universe and to feel oneness with it. However, I lose the dream again.


In the next lucid dream I again went down the sexual intercourse lane, which was a bit disappointing. Then I woke. I had at least one more semi lucid dream, in there somewhere, sitting in some sort of cart in a cartoon.


I felt incredible when I woke up. What had I just experienced?! These dreams came a short time after reading about communicating with helpful dream character’s in Robert Waggoner‘s book. Not long before this dream, I had my first clear dream of asking a dream character a planned question. I now have come to believe that there is a possibility for having “Helpers”, my connection with these characters seemed so personal and special. I also know that the Jester is a Jungian Archetype. The man with the sunglasses is maybe the same as the masked guy, or a shadow archetype.