Anders Auke – Fighting Death in Lucid Dreaming


I had five to six lucid dreams in a row [ed.’s note: we have published Anders’ final two dreams]. In waking reality I was sleeping in a hotel, and was doing a lot of relaxing, meditation and energy exercises. These dreams felt like peeling layers of myself back like an onion. I was lucid in between the dreams and felt that dream characters were helping me attaining my awareness.


  1. This dream is set on the inside (inside the body?). I feel like I‘m inside an organic cave with a laboratory in it. I get a hospital vibe. It is a mixture of stone walls, not built, but more like mountain walls. In addition, there are some tech installations. I immediately get the feeling that something is wrong. I became fully lucid in the last dream, and I remain that way here.


A dream character in a white coat is with me at once and expresses that something has gone horribly wrong with my son. I am on a sunken floor in a small waiting room. The dream character looks sad and somewhat powerless over the situation. He gives me the feeling that he and some other helpers tried as best as they could. On my way into a mountain hall I meet another white-coated dream character. He is probably the doctor. By now, my feelings are unbearable. I can see a boy sitting in a chair connected to wires. He’s head/face look like a broken white plate, and more like a pancake than a head. I am now panicking.


My first response, as I enter the scene is. ‘He is alive! I thought you said that he was…?’ The first health worker looks down. I turn to the doctor and ask, ‘What has happened here?’


The doctor says, ‘Double bypass gone wrong.’


I take a second and consider my options. I am fully lucid, which means I can do what I like. However, I am no longer in contact with the “this is JUST a dream” feeling I had in the last few dreams. I scream, ‘Can’t you see what you have done! You have given me this unbearable sensation in my stomach. I can‘t stand staying here any longer!’ I fly through the ceiling while the dream characters look at me in disbelief.


‘You can‘t leave,’ they say, looking restless. I also have a strong feeling that it is wrong of me to escape, but I cannot bear to stay there. Never, in my whole life, have I felt such a powerful feeling of despair, loss and anger. I cannot describe it, but it was a horrible feeling. I would have gladly exchanged it for severe physical pain anytime. The rage drove me into my last lucid dream. I now demanded to meet Death! I went through a grey kind of swirling mist.


  1. I met Death and had a quick look at my hands to stabilize the dream before I attacked. Death was as one would expect, cloaked in black, standing in some sort of fire on a stage. Death had a whip or a tail that turned in to an oven-like black thing at the end with a gate that opened that was made of black bars. I dived in to it.


First, the dream was all black, I did not know what to expect. Then it shifted into vague contours on the walls of organic forms that looked a bit like faces. Death‘s black tail was in front of me. It was long and slim and had a triangle on the end. I started to pull it, still angry and upset. It was just more tail. I felt extremely angry. My actions felt desperate and useless. Then, as a last ditch effort, I screamed in a deep, angry, almost God-like tone, “COME HERE NOW!” Then I woke up.