Aluna – ET Encounter Lucid Dream Remembrance From the Dream Deep Infinity in Lucid Dreaming



So this is my story of how I met my ET hybrid daughter, Pearl:


Basically, I am climbing this beautiful tree and it felt so whimsical and light that I felt immediately I was dreaming and I became lucid. I wondered at the beauty of the dreamscape, so alive and vibrant with colors… and I suddenly remembered that I could meet an extraterrestrial. I felt a strong sense of confidence that I could make contact, that even if I felt fear and didn‘t know what to do that I was not going to let it stop me.


I searched many landscapes for an ET, coming upon many children and asking who they were. Then I came upon my friend Karen‘s home. On her couch sat a young girl with large pale blue eyes. I knew instantly, this is my daughter*!!! (*I am referencing the alien abduction phenomenon wherein humans are detained and taken on ships and their genetic material is used to create races of being that are part human, part ET. I have abduction memories from childhood, so this was of no surprise to me).


The little hybrid girl looked to be about 9 years old in human terms, had short blonde hair and bangs and pale blue eyes. Her name is Pearl. She had a striking resemblance to me when I was her age.


The first thing I said was, ‘Wow you‘re so cute, your hair is so cute!’ And I hugged her for a long time. Then I said, ‘I‘m sorry that was silly, I can‘t believe that was the first thing I’ve said to you.’ She consoled me sweetly by saying something to the degree of ‘It‘s OK, we [the hybrid kids] understand you and can relate.’ Then I remarked about her eyes being larger. She was very bubbly and yet I could tell she was keeping very reserved while I acclimated to her energy. I was so surprised by how human she looked, and yet how ET she really felt. Eventually, I lost lucidity and faded out of the dream. I was able to jump back in for a second but when I returned, she was gone and we were now speaking to one another on a cell phone. That eventually faded as well.


I met her again in a lucid dream a week later, which was much deeper and prolonged:


I was flying on a bicycle and realized I was dreaming. I remembered the girl and called out her name, ‘PEEAAARL!’ I heard her voice faintly saying ‘Yes!’ and then I slowly dissolved into a new dream scene. We were in a big house with high vaulted ceilings. Pearl was in the kitchen cooking something in a skillet. I thought that was quite peculiar because I imagined that they don’t actually eat food. I walked up to the stove to find she was sautéing meat. I was confused because I thought that the hybrids did not eat at all, let alone eat animals! We discussed it for a moment. I realized later that she had made it for me.


She directly inquired about my relationship to eating animals. I told her that it feels good to my body at certain times so I just listen to my body and eat what it wants me to eat. We walked through the house, I saw my boyfriend, Tom, and another woman with long dark hair. She asked me if I knew that he had other loves in other layers of reality. I was triggered by this and I immediately went up to Tom and asked him if he was seeing someone else? He grabbed me, held me and said ‘You are my only love, ON EARTH.’ I took note of the ‘on earth’ point, and realized that there is no way for me to be his ‘one and only’ in an infinite eternal universe. Then I felt into the idea and experienced it fully that we are essentially all one and ultimately there is no ‘other.’


I gazed into Pearl’s eyes and she suddenly shapeshifted and took on a toddler form. I continued to look deeper and I realized that I had been relating to her as if she was a human child. So I let up on that thought and allowed her alien energy to seep into my perception. I was slightly nervous at how incredibly alien she actually felt. I could feel that she contained all cosmic knowledge and was in direct communication with Source.


Unfathomable intelligence… then… I felt a sliver of fear creep up in this immensity she held, and watched as a red boil appeared on her cheek. She was reflecting to me my fear in her own physicality!! While the fear was very slight, it manifested and I was a little upset by what I felt ‘I had done.’ Later in the dream, we were doing arts and crafts. I was talking to my friend Kirk and my lover Tom and realized that this was the first time I could remember being so lucid.


Upon this realization things began to feel crystal clear. I had a physical headache in my sleeping body, and I was able to, from that dimensional reality, heal it with my dream body energy by envision light pouring through my synapses. I felt the headache melt away within seconds and it opened up energy circuits in my brain. I was instantly more conscious, more lucid and felt as if I had let the larger portion of my human identity go… and I remembered more and more of my true essence… it was very existential and spiritual. I felt timeless.  


In a succession of other dreams, not as lucid, Pearl showed me her animal totem, which is a white seal. She also introduced me to another hybrid ET child who was also my daughter. Her name is Merope. (They both named themselves).