Allie Wilmot – Asking Who’s in Charge in Lucid Dreaming

I started my dream, lucid, after waking at 4AM and staying awake for 15 minutes. I had initially gone to sleep after watching Robert Waggoner’s lecture in Tel Aviv. It was the longest lucid dream I’ve ever had, but I won’t describe everything now.

Throughout my dream I would grab my arm to keep myself grounded, like Waggoner spoke about. That definitely helped.

Alone, in what appeared to be an empty warehouse, I looked up into the dark ceiling that had one small but bright light and said, “Who’s in charge here? I want to speak to the manager.” (I said this trying to be funny.)

I looked back down and straight ahead, and when my eyes adjusted from looking at the light, I saw a man emerge from the shadows. I asked to see something important. He showed me flowers that I saw in amazing detail. I was so overwhelmed with awe that I was brought to tears.

I asked about UFOs. We were suddenly outside and he told me to look up into the black night sky. After focusing I could see billions of stars — I even told the man this. I was blown away by the magnitude of it. Then from the right side of my vision I saw a triangular UFO slowly make its way across the sky. I was so excited that I changed scenes and my guide was gone. (Damn!)

Back in the warehouse again, I wondered what I should do. I knew people were milling around but no one noticed me. I remembered from the lecture that during research, a dreaming man had looked left to right, four times to show through REM signals that he was still lucid. I decided to try that. As soon as my eyes stopped moving: BAM! All the lights went out! They slowly came back on, but when they first went out, I could hear people in the background screaming and gasping. (It didn’t occur to me until awake how interesting that was.)

I called out to everyone, “Sorry, that was me — that was my fault.”

At one point I realised I was in Mexico because of the scenery and the food being served by a passing waitress. I was sitting on a couch next to a woman holding a baby. I remembered I could interact with my dream characters, so I leaned in and asked, “What do you represent?” to the baby. He drooled and made ‘gah gah’ sounds. I said, “Cut the crap; I know this is a dream and I know you can talk.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he said, but I knew it was pointless. Then I told all thought forms to disappear. The mother and baby disappeared.