Alina Lilova – The Birdcage in the Looking Glass in Lucid Dreaming

The first time I saw my reflection in a lucid dream, it happened spontaneously while I was on a mission to meet with my deceased grandmother and dog. I had just called upon the awareness behind the dream to help me in the task, like Robert Waggoner suggests, and a golden clad lady had appeared that gave me two grape seeds, one for each of the souls I wanted to meet.

I was supposed to place the seeds on the heads of two dream figures of my choice—with the caveat that they had to be family rather than Donald Trump, whose vaguely outlined body lurked in the distance. (When I woke up, I reasoned that the seeds must have been there to “ground” me, as a metaphor for my emotional connections on Earth, so that I would be able to withstand the power of the two souls in the afterlife).

I went ahead and did as I was told, and suddenly a great force scooped me up and carried me forward. While I was floating, I caught a glimpse of myself in a window or other glass surface: where my face should have been, there was a small cage with either a bird or a tiny light inside (interesting that I should not remember which of the two it was, but they are of course symbolically linked).

Unfortunately, whether because the force that was carrying me was overwhelming and I could not bear the loss of control and the whole anticipation, or whether it was simply time to wake up, wake up I did…

In a more recent lucid dream (after the theme for the upcoming issue of the LDE magazine was announced), I decided, consciously, to look at my reflection in a mirror. This time the experience was hardly magical. I looked like myself, except that my haircut kept changing and at one point my hair got really short.

In neither of the dreams did I remember the exact trigger of my lucidity that has been true of many of my lucid adventures lately.