Alex Turner in Lucid Dreaming


About one year ago this passing summer, I ended up with no sleep at all after spending a night drinking and such with friends. It was at about six thirty a.m. when the night came to an end at my friend’s family-owned bed and breakfast. I remember very clearly saying farewell to my good friend Ed Guest, who was up on the balcony outside our friend’s bedroom, trying to get comfy on a twisted pile of quilts and pillows.


We both were mesmorised by the beautiful sunrise pulling up from the horizon, here on the south east coast of England. “Its so beautiful”, he said, “I can’t believe you can just look straight at it, man!” Anyway, I made the short walk home along the promenade, doused in golden sunshine, (and wine, come to think of it) when sleeping peacefully an hour or so later, I was right back on that seafront,but instead of walking towards my home as I had just done, I was strolling back the way I had came.


This realisation is what pulled me out of my uncontrolled slumber and into a gorgeous stream of lucidity. I knew I was dreaming. I looked towards the horizon and the sun was rising upside-down!! The sun dropping from the horizon towards the sky and the sea had taken its place! As I glanced upward I noticed that, in fact, the entire sky had turned into the sea. This is when I noticed the first ripples of light in the high up waves revealing half a dozen full moons shining bright in daylight.


At this point I think I became less aware of the fact I was dreaming, it felt just how it would if something so incredible were to happen – my heart pounding, my body jerking with uncontrollable excitement. I looked around me at ground level and managed to take control of the dream again, becoming fully in control of my body and speech.


There was a random oriental family, coming towards me and I decided on something that would normally be a little inappropriate. I ran toward the old Asian man and grabbed him, giving him a good shake, shouting: “I’m dreaming you old bastard, can’t you see I’m dreaming!” The old man made no reaction other than to jabber something in Thai, which sounded just like Thai, not just any old thing, it was definitely Thai. I can’t speak it but there was no mistake. Must have been fresh out of my auditory memory.


I then took control of my location, becoming fully able to materialise in nearby places. It was then that I decided it would be a great laugh to go and visit all my friends up the road, as I knew I would be able to appear in front of them without making any rude disturbances throughout the house. No sooner had I come to this conclusion, mapping out my route, was I right there, standing in front of them all asleep. It was then that I found myself awake at home again. Weird…..