Alex – My First Lucid Dream in Lucid Dreaming


I lay down and said to myself, ‘Tonight while I‘m sleeping I will become conscious that I am dreaming,’ and faded off to sleep. That very same night I discovered what is, by far, one of the most awesome realities in life!


I woke up in my dream in my childhood friend Victor‘s house. Victor and I used to have sleepovers often as kids. I woke up and started making the bed. I looked behind me and saw his little adopted brother Ricky walk by the door. Ricky, in the dream, was about seven years old. I turned to keep making the bed and I thought, ‘Hmmm, Ricky should be a grown man by now, since he is seven years younger than me.’


All of a sudden with that statement I realize, ‘Holy smokes! I‘m dreaming!’


I began to get really excited about this. I realized from what I‘ve read that if one gets too excited that the dream may fade. So I desperately wanted to look around to do something to calm my emotions down. I turned back to the bed and continued to make it with the intention of calming down. As I made it, I saw my hands and my emotions settled down.


At that point, it became totally awesome! The room became as completely clear as in waking life, yet I was dreaming. I looked around at the detail of the walls and furniture, and felt odd by the reality of it all. I thought, ‘What should I do now?’ But I had nothing planned to do, so I decided to put my hands through the wall where the window was. I pushed and I felt the hardness of the wall as like a waking life wall. But I pushed some more and my hands went through it! I was fascinated by this! I could feel the solid nature of the wall as I pushed my hands through, so then I decided to walk through the wall! As I walked through it, I could feel my body crossing through, could feel the solid nature of the wall on my body.


I walked through the wall and I was in the street I grew up in, right outside Victor‘s house area and it was night. I looked to my left and I saw my teenage neighborhood friends hanging out by the corner where we used to hang out. My house was a little down the street, and further down the street I knew was a house of a beautiful young married, female friend. Her name was Jenny. I thought, knowing that this was a dream and I was fully aware that I could go over to Jenny‘s house and see her naked and have sex with her, but then I thought, ‘No, I better not do that, I don‘t want to sin against God….’ So I decided to walk away in the opposite direction.


As I walked in that direction, to my right, I heard my living brother talking to me but I could not see him. He continued to talk to me as I walked until I saw him walking with me like a ghost. I could see through him. It turned out he was talking to me from a dream in the past, and I was in his future in the dream. I thought this was awesome and said, ‘This confirms my theory that the dream world is a bridge in the space time continuum and we can travel in time when in the dream world.’ My brother said that I should wake up and write the dream down. I didn‘t want to wake up, but then my eyes opened and I woke up and wrote the dream down. This is my very first experience in my life of lucid dreaming!