Alex Belanger – Reverse Skydiving in Lucid Dreaming


I‘m standing with some other people near the edge of a deep canyon overlooking a vast desert landscape. I notice the others around me appear to be lifeless automatons with the exception of a solitary dragon standing amidst the others. The dragon has a humanoid torso, arms, and legs but also red draganoid wings, head, and scales. Unfortunately, I don‘t have any friends who look like that in the waking world, so this makes me realize I am dreaming.


It is a curious thing to experience the distinction between you in the dream and you the dreamer. Oftentimes those two perspectives get muddled into one. However, this time around I am aware of myself as the dreamer but do not have an image of myself within the dream. Then I decide to commandeer one of the bodies of the people idly standing about. After assuming control of the puppet body, I then jump off the cliff.


I can feel the wind on my cheeks as I am thrown into an exhilarating and ecstatic descent downward and then the falling starts to feel more like flying. Of course I have no fear of going splat because I am aware that this is a dream. Before I hit the ground, the dragon flies off the cliff and swoops down to catch me. He then caries me back up to the top of the cliff. More than a little peeved at him for ruining my ‘no parachute sky diving experiment,‘ I turn to the dragon and say, “Hey man, don‘t you know this is just a dream? It doesn‘t matter what I do here. Why did you even bother saving me?” To which the dragon replies, “You are wrong. Every action has an impact.” The dream ends here.


I groggily record the dream in my journal and drift back to sleep. The next day I reflect on the dream and wonder why the dragon bothered to interrupt me. Initially I did not find his answer very satisfying. I believe the dragon wanted to convey that all actions have both intended and unintended consequences. Every action has a reaction, as said in Newton‘s third law…or maybe it was his second law?


I sure hope my 6th grade science teacher isn‘t an avid reader of lucid dreaming publications, but in case he is, I‘m sorry Mr. Kelly! Anyway, I took this to mean that nothing happens in a vacuum. In this case, the literal impact of my actions would have been the body being crushed against the canyon floor. But perhaps this dream was inviting me to consider the broader ripples of impact that any and all actions might generate, both in the waking world and the dream world.