Alex – Aware Dream Figures in Lucid Dreaming


I was riding on a public transportation bus with a friend. Riding with us was a Jewish woman in her late thirties or early forties with her older teenage son who appeared to be about 18 or 19 years old. Both the woman and her son were good-looking people. They were looking for a synagogue.


Looking out the window of the bus, I saw a building with beautiful wooden doors with Hebrew writing on it. It was dark, heavy, expensive looking wood, varnished and glossy. I said, “Hey, there is a synagogue!” and I became lucid. The door was so beautiful that I made a point to remember it whenever I woke up from the dream. The bus stopped and we, my friend and the Jewish woman and her son, got off the bus.


We walked up some stairs on an embankment towards the synagogue. The lady and her son passed me and sat at the top of the embankment before going inside the synagogue. There, they shape shifted into two plain, unattractive young women in their early to mid-twenties, with acne and a little bit of facial hair. They looked like real people, just unattractive people. They started to walk down to the bus and as they passed me they initiated a conversation:


“Where are you from?” one of them asked me.


“I’m from New Orleans…. where are you from?” I responded.


“We are from Italy,” the young lady responded.


“No really, where are you from as dream figures. I mean, you are dream figures. Who are you?” I said.


At this statement, they became very angry and said, “We are not dream figures!” I said, “Yes, you are, you are dream figures!” They said, “No we are not!” I said, “Yes you are!” “No we are not!” they said again, as they jumped me and started beating on me, having now multiplied into four! Needless to say, I was completely surprised at this reaction!


We were now back in the bus. In order to prove my point that they were dream figures, and to end the violent attack, I commanded, “All thought forms must disappear!” Surprisingly, although everything in the background disappeared and there was darkness in its place, none of the dream beings disappeared! They continued to beat me in the dark void and I wondered within myself, “Are these actual dreamers?!”


Once again, however, I commanded out loud and with more authority, “All thought forms must disappear NOW!”…. and none of them disappeared! They continued beating me! One of them, the leader who initiated the conversation, paused, backed up a little, looked me in the eyes and angrily said, “Now you know we are real,” and continued to beat me.


The bus was now a school bus. I started to defend myself, beating and kicking and punching and throwing them off me! But then, even more dream beings kept coming, ganging up on me They kept coming and I kept beating them back!


Finally the leader said to the others, “OK, time’s almost up, let’s go!” At that, they stopped beating me and quickly filed out of the school bus and up the embankment.


I woke up. A minute later the clock alarm rang, and this made me wonder if the dream figures also knew that my alarm clock would ring in a minute, and therefore they knew it was time to go?