Albert Lauer – Martial Arts Dream Archive in Lucid Dreaming


Before the following lucid dream took place, something significant happened. I was in a remarkably light trance, when I distinctly saw a samurai sword appear in the air before me; only slightly transparent. Then I saw hands below the sword like someone was offering it to me. I did not see him, but could feel his presence. That experience ranks among the most clear psychic experiences that I have ever had.


One of my past lives that I am aware of, is of a Japanese nobleman skilled in the martial arts. When I was eleven I practiced Judo, until my toe broke repeatedly later that year. But I learned much more about martial arts from the memories of that past life surfacing over the years, than I ever did in Judo class. Since the Japanese man was a very focused man, it is easier to remember him.


Recently while meditating with a small group, I recognized my own mental state as oddly familiar, although I have personal meditation practices that are different from the one during that session. I was nicely in a deep trance of inner silence, while I had a short flash of recognition. I knew I had been in that state many times and I also knew it was from the Japanese life. There were no words involved in that mental process, only flashes of knowing.


A few moments later it felt as if he and I were just slightly out of phase, using the same mental space, for lack of a better word. It did not at all feel like a memory; he felt alive, familiar yet distinct from myself. I tried to learn a bit more about him, still without words, maintaining the trance. I tried to peek into his world, his room, his life. That was a misconception of me, I could only sense his mental state and he was just as deep in trance as I, his mind contained no information about himself at that time. For a short moment though I saw what could have been his face.


I had never delved much into the memories of his life, but I remember many Kung-Fu movements and postures. With some movements I use my hand as if I have a sword in it – maybe something other than Kung-Fu. The amazing dream I had was therefore also not a total surprise:


I drifted lucidly out of my body and felt my feet touch some sort of barrier. I perceived I was about to enter a huge bubble. At the first contact with my foot, a stream of ideas had flooded my mind. That bubble contained a library of martial arts movements. There was no direct indication that it came from my previous life, but I must assume.


In this dream my lucidity was a disadvantage. Our dream awareness is much more fluid and even major shifts in identity are acceptable. My critical waking mind was not ready to haphazardly enter an unknown phenomenon.


I considered the dilemma. This was an enormous opportunity but I had cold feet. I found an acceptable solution, but of course I still wonder what more there was to learn inside that bubble. Instead of drifting into the bubble, I had managed to will myself carefully to a stop at the threshold. Holding both my feet through the barrier, immediately ideas of martial arts movements entered my mind.


My dream body became soaked in these sensations of movement – like a complete archive of movements to be tapped into. With my dream body I was able to perform several very complex movements, though slower than they would have to be performed in physical reality. For instance, I was turning around my axis in mid air by the way my legs spun, slowly and comprehensibly.


I had been tapping into this reincarnational archive consciously before, when I practiced movements I had never learned during this life. Yet, from the dream perspective it was immense.