Albert Lauer Lucid Dreaming – Attention Going Haywire in Lucid Dreaming


I was happily dreaming lucid when I noticed a text on a box from something like a music record. I remembered then that other lucid dreamers use text as a reality check, because in dreaming text is not stable as in every day life. Text changes whenever the dreamer looks back at it and I have seen this many times.


The text on the box in my hand was not meaningful at all. It looked like an address of a website. I looked away and back to see if the text had changed and indeed it had. The new text was meaningless, also. In the hope that a meaningful phrase would appear, I looked back and fro several times, but it didn’t become meaningful.


The text was now not even trying to appear as fitting to the context. The letters were still very distinct in a professional font, neatly with a capital in front. I liked the game anyway, still hoping something meaningful would appear. Then I realized that I would not have to look back and fro. The text was quite willing to change without that routine, so I just continued to stare, allowing it to change.


Soon after, the text was flipping at high speed. Initially I had been able to see the meaningless letter combinations, but that had now ended in a blur of spinning text. While the text was flipping that quickly, suddenly the image of the package began to dissolve and my attention became fully overflown with a cascade of changing short sentences, leaving no room for perception of any surroundings. That lasted only a few seconds before I sensed that I began to wake up out of it, probably by a protective mechanism that sometimes wakes us up from dreams. The cascade had not bothered me and I had been able to keep my attention steady nonetheless. I had still been curious even when my attention seemed completely overtaken.


One of the first things Don Juan de Matus, the teacher of Carlos Castaneda in the Toltec tradition, advised a lucid dreamer is to only glance at objects, looking around rather than fixing a stare. He says that otherwise the dream attention will get lost in detail. Once, when I had fallen asleep while maintaining lucidity, I needed the technique to stabilize my dream attention. Then it was functional for me and the quickly glancing around the environment helped to stabilize my attention. But I had almost forgotten about this advice, as I never needed it.