Albert Lauer –  A Foggy Dream Body Like an Apple Tree in Lucid Dreaming


My dream body doesn‘t always manifest resembling a physical body, and I have experienced several different forms in dreams over the years. The forms seems to relate to the type of awareness I am wielding at the time. Here’s a recent example of a different type of dream body:


I fell asleep in the early evening. Outside it was still light, as the sun sets late in Dutch summers. I was lucid while I was dreaming in a deep trance, although that didn‘t matter much to me, as I was very inwardly focused and experienced my own energetic aspects and was not engaged in thinking about anything. I had drifted out of my body and into the garden, light as a cloud.


And that was how I was, when about fifteen meters away from the house, I drifted upwards into a very big apple tree, at least thirty years old. All the time I had peripherally noticed where I was, but I hadn‘t been involved in the direction I drifted.


While I was floating between the branches of the apple tree, a soft deep voice spoke shortly, ‘You are just like us!?’ with both appreciation and noticeable surprise.


I was aware that the communication of the tree had come to me as a deep vibration that translated within me to as words spoken in a deep voice. I may not have noticed if my dream body, and hence my awareness, had been of a different form at the time.


‘What do you mean?’ I expressed without words, telepathically expressing the ‘huh?’ feeling that you can have while shrugging your shoulders and opening your hands, palms up.


‘Well,’ came the answer also without any real words, ‘You know… foggy.’


Here the translation was even more obvious, as most of the words were being translated into my native language Dutch, apart from the word foggy, which was in English. I have found many times that in telepathic communication, translation may be instant. However, I also have experienced times when I heard another language, like in France, dreaming lightly in the early hours of the day.


I hung around for a few moments longer and woke up. I was foggy. Like them.


That came as no surprise. Even as I did not see or meet the tree as a foggy presence that day, I have seen another tree in our garden, a hazel tree, from out of a dreaming trance. That time, I was not near the tree. I was in a similar out-of-body trance, just outside my house, shortly after sunrise. That meant the tree was about thirty meters away.


The hazel tree has plenty of stems going straight up, some thicker than others. The stems spread out and the leaves make a nice reddish canopy of leaves that turn green later in the year. It‘s amazing when you look up while the red light of the setting sun plays under the leaves.


From that trance dream I saw a fog hanging in between the stems just above the ground. It was more like layers of smoke hanging vertically in the air. From what I could see, the fog did not go all the way up the tree. It had a diameter of about two meters with a deep orange-brown hue. It didn‘t speak, but my gaze was fixed and I almost saw a drawing appear in the fog and sensed an appreciative smiling face. Trees know us better than we know them, as they see us but we see branches, leaves and stems only. As if we would see each other without expressions on faces.


From these observations, I understand that a tree is aligned differently with its body. The fogginess is because the tree is both in, and between its branches. It is somewhat odd that our dream bodies so often resemble physical bodies at all. The intent of identifying with our physical body is so powerful that we have these similar dream bodies and we will have them after death.  


Often, when I drift out of my body like this in order to engage in dreaming, I have to alter my focus intently. Before, I may even be blind in the dream as I can only see my own light even when looking out. After remodeling my focus, I can see that I am out of body in my room and then my dream body also looks somewhat like a physical body.


I have seen and sensed trees and plants on occasion. Anything animated can be invoked to share a thought with you, and any of these thoughts will appear to have been spoken, typically as very faint whispers. However, I never heard them talk like this apple tree.


A month earlier I had come through India, where I saw a huge, ancient banyan tree. I had had the impression that this tree also talked to me, but I didn‘t hear it as such. I tried to fall asleep under it, but I only came close. Yet, I could really feel its enormous presence. It was very loving and benign.


The most profound dreaming experience with a tree however, was with a tree some 10 meters away, as I write this from my hammock in our house in Bali. Before we got the land, I had looked up the tree, which is a huge, fast growing tree about 40 meters high. That night I had a dream image of the same tree. I had not been lucid, but as I was staring upwards at that tree again in the dream, suddenly I felt the enormous presence of the tree linking with me.


I became lucid just because of that. While the energy of the awareness of the tree continued to link with me, I felt lifted up in awareness to an extent that I do not often experience myself. I had a profound sensation that my consciousness had become much larger and I sensed things that can hardly be put into words. I was very telepathically connected with everything around at the same time.


That same day we decided to get the land because otherwise the owner would cut this tree, among other reasons. It was as if the tree had reached out to me.


It doesn’t seem so odd now to hug a tree every now and then. Look for a sharp electric effect and you‘ll know that you and the tree have connected. I am really enjoying how my dreaming connects me with many aspects of nature and leaves me less isolated.