AJ Baltazar – The Universe Within in Lucid Dreaming

I’m strolling along a beach when a thought enters my mind, “Why walk when you can FLY?!” One second later I am fully lucid and flying.

Further down the beach, I’m challenged by a young man. “Let’s see if you are really lucid,” he says. I understand that I am about to be tested. He swings the golf club he is holding in his hands and hits a white and purple ball the size of grape that is now headed straight for me.

I have an idea. I raise my right arm Matrix-style and think, “Stop!” The ball stops in mid-air a few inches away from my hand. I’ve come to a full stop as well, hovering in place. I notice that the ball doesn’t look very much alive. I connect with it telepathically. Immediately the ball becomes translucent, then it starts glowing from within with vivid shades of violet with traces of blue.

As I examine it further I realize that it is more than just a glowing ball. It’s a sphere containing an entire universe! I can make out different kinds of galaxies and nebulae. The sphere is pulsating with light. Then, all of a sudden, a profound change in the overall energy of the dream occurs and I feel an invisible barrier between me and the sphere dropping. This is when the sphere breaks free from my “magical grip” and backs up to take a run at me.

As it approaches me at high velocity, it expands, moving the galaxies inside apart. As it expands it becomes more translucent and its light grows dimmer. When our energy fields collide the sphere is roughly the size of my body. We merge with one another and become one. I realize I am the universe and the universe is me, always. This realization sends an enormous surge of energy through my entire being. It’s total bliss.

My next thought is, “I have to write this down.” One second later I snap out of the dream; I’m fully awake and alert in the physical, not tired at all, feeling rested and fully energized. I’m immensely grateful for this deep and profound experience.