Ahmed Elrofaie –
Searching For My Life’s Purpose in  Lucid Dreaming

After 7 months of trying to have an out-bodyexperience or lucid dream, I finally have my first lucid dream today. It really was an amazing experience! It began like this:

At first I was dreaming that I was in a car. I was sitting in the backseat with two people; the man who driving the car was my uncle. It was night, and suddenly my phone rang. I answered; it was from someone in the company where I work. He told me that there is problem and he wanted me and my workmate to come now (my workmate was in the car with me).

Then after I finished the call, I turned to my workmate, to tell him that we have to go to the workplace, but before I talked to him I noticed a strange thing when I looked to the car window – it was becoming morning!

I was shocked because I remembered clearly that it was night before the phone call. Then an idea hit me, and I thought it may be a dream! I then did my realtytest; I closed my nostrils and tried to breathe. Suddenly I realized that I could breathe normally with my nose closed. Then I looked at my hands; my finger was strange. Then for first time in my life I realized that I was in dream! I was so so so happy! I said to myself, ―Finally I did it!‖ I was so happy for finally having a lucid dream!

Then I remembered that I could do anything. I thought about flying, so I decided to jump from the car and to try to fly. I opened the door then I jumped but I didn‘t fly. Instead I fell downwards and for a moment I thought that I might hit the ground, but suddenly I found myself sinking in a void.

The scene start to disappear and my vision became unclear. Then I remembered my goal – to see my higher self and to know my life‘s purpose. (The goal of meeting my higher self l learned from William Bulhman‘s book, Adventures Beyond the Body).

I started to repeat a mantra: ―I want to meet my higher self and know my life‘s purpose. I repeated it continuously, until my vision started to become clear again. I found myself in a calm room; it was semi dark and beautiful and looked familiar.

There was a big picture in front of me on one of the walls. It looked like a mandala. Beneath the big picture there was another picture, but it was small and there was an Arabic word written on it.

Then I sat down cross-legged in meditation posture, and closed my eyes and started to repeat: ―I want to meet my higher self and know my life‘s purpose, but suddenly I started to see the room even though my eyes were closed. I resumed my meditation and repeated the mantra: ―I want to meet my higher self and know my life‘s purpose, hopping that I might get the answer for the question, ‘What is my life‘s propose?’

And while I was doing my meditation my little brother came and opened the door of the room. He said to me, ―You are still meditating, you waste your time‖ (in my real life he always does so) then he closed the door.

After his interruption I resumed my meditation and I closed my eyes, when I closed my eyes it was dark, there nothing to see. Then I said to myself, ―I am afraid that I will be awake soon, then suddenly I opened my eyes to find my self awake in my bed.

This was really awesome! I finally did it!!