Adam Henderson – My First Lucid Dream!


Had my first lucid dream! Exactly two weeks to the day since I started keeping a dream journal, I was reading a book in the afternoon when I dozed off.


I don’t recall what the exact trigger event was but something was strange about my surroundings (I don’t even recall what my surroundings were but I think I was sitting on a wooden chair I used to own when I lived in a flat some 10 years ago).


Anyway, I thought, ‘That’s strange, this must be a dream,’ and then just like that I remembered that if I’m dreaming then I can take control. I reality checked by leaning forward and seeing if I would fall through the floor, and sure enough I felt myself fall out of my body, through the seat of the chair and through the floor. Immediately the desire to fly came to mind and I found myself barreling through a sort of wormhole made out of bright white clouds.


There was an audible whoosh as I left my body and entered this place and the excitement of realising I was in control almost woke me up straight away. I felt my heart racing but I remembered the importance of regulating my emotions and managed to calm down.


I saw a doorway ahead of me at the end of the tunnel. From it came a shape I can only describe as being like a huge angler fish, but it was silhouetted against the bright light coming from behind it through the door.


I wondered if the creature was friendly. I hoped it was, and it seemed benign enough as it noticed me and came slowly out of the doorway towards me. I backed off, still flying, but not fast, just enough to keep the creature at a comfortable distance.


I got the feeling I was not in any danger and settled into the lucidity. And what does a young, male, first-time lucid dreamer think of? Really dirty dream sex with someone of course, haha! (Now before you read on I’ll point out that the dream sex never actually happened, but as I wrote this entry in my dream journal it became clear why.)

As soon as I thought of ‘sex with someone,‘ I left the wormhole and appeared to be hovering up in the corner of a large bedroom, still disembodied since I’d fallen out of my body earlier at the start of the dream.


Everything was white – the walls, the bed, the light coming in through a huge window – and I could see a figure on the bed but couldn’t make out who it was. Between myself and the bed appeared – guess what – my body, spinning slowly around on an office chair as if in perpetual motion as the chair floated from the right to left of the room.


I became impatient with what seemed like an obstacle between me and the figure on the bed, so I dismissed my blankly-staring, spinning body and it vanished. I then surged over towards the bed and encircled it, and watched as this female figure morphed between various women, none of whom I recognised, as they all seems to ‘exist‘ at once in the same space. I am pretty sure I saw ‘Marge Simpson’s‘ blue hair and yellow skin in there at one point though, haha!


I grew frustrated that the figure on the bed wouldn’t settle into one form, and then I felt as though I was being chased. I found myself back in the worm hole, being pursued by what looked like ‗Langoliers‘ from the Stephen King movie. I even allowed them to get close to see if they were dangerous or not. I was worried that if fear entered my mind the dream would turn bad and so when I became a bit worried of the sheer number of these creatures I simply turned away from them and gave myself a command:


“And awake …”


I literally felt myself stepping back into my body and I woke up.


It was a great experience. I think the two mistakes I made though, were thinking about dream sex with ‘someone‘ instead of someone specific, hence the shape-shifting female form on the bed, and the other big mistake I made was dismissing my body when it crossed my path, instead of jumping in and starting that bad boy up, so to speak.


I can’t wait to lucid dream again, but I’m actually kind of nervous at the thought of remaining conscious while I sleep. I’m more worried about nightmares now than ever. I couldn’t have done this without reading the advice at (LDE), so thank you. Here’s to many more lucid dreams!