A. Dreamer – July 9, 2011, Flying and Seeking in Lucid Dreaming


I wake up and then go back into a dream. I quickly become lucid. I leave the room I am in but have to unpeel one of my fingers from the doorknob after I get out. I do it carefully so I won‘t wake up. Then I decide to fly. I want to soar but don‘t get all that high. I fly feet first, while floating on my back. Then I turn around and go head first for a while. I pass some trees and see the branches and leaves, some trees with and some without leaves. Sometimes I hear music when I fly. Eventually I spin circles in the air, lying on my back and think how I haven‘t ever exactly done that in a dream before.


I end up in some buildings, I fly through attics where odd things are stored and through outdoor bazaar-like places. I pick up some sort of metallic shell, shaped like a bird. It feels hard in my hand. I think how it would be fun later to experiment with ‘bringing it back‘, noting the moment it disappears – that is if I can hold onto it until the end of the dream.


I come down in an area of lawns and trees, like a college campus. The day seems to be sunny. I want to create wind. I do so and feel the gentle breeze on my face and see the swaying branches and leaves. Next I get the idea to seek ―God‖ or ―the Highest‖ but am skeptical of anything convincing happening. I lift off, fly a little, breaking through walls as I lose the visuals. I feel a bit uneasy. Nothing much happens. I think perhaps I am afraid of being overwhelmed.


Then I am in a room with a woman who tells me I should read a book by a certain author. I have heard of the author, but not that particular book. She tells me I am afraid of what will happen if I experience the Divine, afraid of how it will change my life. She hands me the cover of the book she recommended. It has a sky blue background with some people on it. I take it and look at it. The metallic shell is long gone. I try to read the title so I can memorize it, but the print is already missing. There is just the blue and white of the cover design. I wonder how long I can hold onto the fading cover. I wander on through more scenes, finally losing my lucidity….