A. Dreamer – February 9, 2002, Lucid in a Strange House in Lucid Dreaming


I am in this house waiting for it to be morning and a certain time at which I believe I was supposed to go somewhere or do something. I look around the house, going past a first floor bathroom. Then I see this cute little bedroom I didn’t know existed. Apparently tacitly lucid, I consider how I could make it my bedroom and have my stuff magically transported but then I realize the room is too small for all my stuff. I lie down on the bed a bit.


A voice says it’s 9:30 but I don’t think it can be that late. Still, I get out of bed. Then I realize I’m dreaming and become lucid. I think I could check a clock but it doesn’t really matter and anyway, the time could say anything. I go outside and ask the dream to take me where I need to be. I jump up and fly on my back head first. I can hear cars swishing below as I cross a freeway. I’m not very high yet. I soar higher and lose visuals for a while. I start to move a little faster.


Finally I come down and skim along fairly close to the ground. Somehow I catch sight of this old railroad track and hope that I won’t land there. I move on and land in this muddy, grassy area by a corn field. To the right of the cornfield is a grassy field where a kid’s soccer game is going on. The kids kick the ball into the cornfield. I want to enter the field after they retrieve the ball, but I wake up first.