A. Dreamer –  Feb 28, 2011, Flying and Swimming in Lucid Dreaming

I am downtown waiting for an appointment. I have this feeling of unreality. I soon realize I am dreaming since a few minutes ago, I recall I was trying to fall asleep. I jump up and start to fly. I fly over parts of town but can only vaguely see the scenery. I turn over and float on my back for a while.

While floating, I feel myself on my bed in a kind of dual consciousness. Eventually I turn on my stomach and fly in the more usual way, head first with my arms in front of me. After awhile, I start to make swimming motions, wondering if the act of swimming will cause water to materialize. It does indeed. I am in a body of water. There is some metal structure in the middle. I swim, then come to rapids. I turn around and find I am now in a river. As I swim, I find myself waking up….

I realize it is a false awakening so get out of bed. I go to the front door which is totally unlike my front door. I see my cats. One has gone out and the other is by the door. I tell myself it does not matter if they are out at night since it is a dream. I think I‘ll explore the house next door but it is very different from waking life – small, dark and marginal at best. I see a more interesting house but wake up before I can go in…