A. Dreamer – December 1 2008 Local Lucids in Lucid Dreaming


1) DILD – I am in a (non-existent in waking life) room off my bedroom. I try to hand something to an elderly man from East India, some kind of a card. I return to my bedroom and find myself floating. I wonder if I could be dreaming.


Then I float more. I go through my door out to the deck. I expect it to be dark but it is like “dawn” just before the sun comes up. I hurry down the steps with some goal in mind but then realize I am not being very observant of the dream environment. I see there are a couple of people in the yard but then wake up.


2) WILD – Later I feel vibrations. I get out of bed and find I am floating. I realize I am dreaming. I go into the kitchen and hall where the cats sleep. There’s stuff all over my sink. I start to worry whether the cats got into things but then remind myself I’m dreaming – none of this is real.


At the end of the hall I see one cat with a pet rabbit. Did it get in the kitty door? (Again, I’m not thinking with complete lucidity!) There are piled bags of laundry and I see what looks like a guinea pig also on the floor with the cat. I remind myself none of this is real. Then I hear a dog bark. Back by the bookcases I see a smallish dog; black, white and brown. I bark back at it then wake up.